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Te Whare o Ruaumoko

Te Whare o Ruaumoko


Archival ink on archival stock. Limited edition of 50 and 3 artist proofs. Comes unframed. This product is printed to order and may take up to two weeks to arrive.

  • Kaupapa

    In Māori purakau , Ruaumoko (also known as Ruamoko) is the god of earthquakes, volcanoes and seasons. He is the youngest son of Ranginui (the Sky father) and Papatūānuku (the Earth mother) (commonly called Rangi and Papa).Ruaumoko was born when his parents were separated by their children. He was still in his mother's womb when she was turned upside down, and he remained there, growing and causing earthquakes with his movements. He is often depicted as being red or orange, the colors of fire and lava. He is associated with the underworld, or Rarohanga. He is said to be a powerful and dangerous being, but he is also seen as a creator and a guardian of the land.
    New tech also brings new reo. For example whakairo is a well known word that talks about the iro (maggot) - it eats away at the wood to reveal the final ‘carved’ form.  In the complete opposite, I use the word whakapī for 3D printing - the honey bee layers up wax to build up its hive. 
    Another kupu hou I use... whekehiko... translates as "electric octopus". It's a word I use to define 2D printing - as much like the octopus… digital printers spray their ink.

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